We prefer to give our clients a fixed fee cost. When this is not possible, we will provide a cost estimate instead.

You will receive a cost agreement from us, which will detail exactly what is covered in our fixed fee amount or the estimate.


For an initial consultation of 1 hour, we will charge $440 + GST.

If we have not fixed our fees or negotiated an hourly rate, our default hourly rates are as follows


The firm’s fees are determined by applying these hourly rates to the units of time recorded by each staff member on your matter. Time is recorded in 6 minute units. For example, the time charged for a phone call of up to 6 minutes will be 6 minutes and the time charged for an attendance between 6 and 12 minutes will be 12 minutes.

We confirm that we will not be calculating legal costs in accordance with an applicable scale of costs and this may result in a higher charge than if scale costs were used. Another law practice may calculate legal costs in accordance with scale costs.


In the course of your matter it may be necessary to incur disbursements, which are fees, expenses and charges such as court filing fees, bank charges, courier fees, barrister’s fees, title searching and property enquiries, agency fees for law stationers, and process serving. These are payable as and when they fall due for payment.

We will not incur any substantial expense without first obtaining your permission.


(a) Each month we will render interim accounts and ask that you pay them promptly.

(b) Our accounts will include a brief narration of work undertaken on your behalf. Should you require a detailed explanation of our account you should contact us further.

(c) If these payment arrangements do not work for you then please discuss an alternative with us.


Should we hold money in our trust account on account of fees and disbursements you authorise us to draw on that money to pay any amount due to us in accordance with the provisions of the Act and regulations relating to the withdrawal of trust money for legal costs and/or disbursements.