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Having well written agreements is an essential part of any business or transaction.  Coming to see us in the early days can save you lots of time, grief and money later on.  

We regularly prepare a range of agreements that businesses use in all facets of their operations.  This includes if you are buying or selling a business; engaging staff or contractors; or dealing with suppliers or customers.  We always ensure that your best interests are protected, that our agreements are easy to follow and understand, and that they are commercially appropriate.



Need to talk to someone before you jump in feet first?  Or has an issue cropped up and you want to see where you stand. Confirmation that you are doing the right thing? Our clients come to us for advice on anything and everything to do with their business. Whether it’s a fixed fee initial consultation or regular ongoing and complex advice you need, we will look after you in simple and clear language and keeping it relevant to the commercial realities of your business. We can discuss what is going on and then help you work out a plan moving forward. 

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Disputes happen.  It’s a fact of life. Sometimes we can resolve them quickly through negotiation  but if that is not possible, our lawyers regularly appear in courts, attend mediation and otherwise represent our clients to get the best outcome possible. We always try to keep the cost, stress and time of the resolution of disputes in proportion to the dispute itself because there is no point in wasting more money than it’s worth.