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in house counsel, externally

In House Counsel, Externally

There are likely to be times your business will benefit from the strategic and legal expertise of a lawyer who knows your business intimately. But for any number of reasons employing one permanently is not desirable.  

If this describes your business, Roach Corporate Law's In-house experience might be just what you need.

Whether it is simply to run things past a lawyer on a regular basis, have your suite of agreements drafted efficiently and professionally, or have a large project properly managed- Roach Corporate Law’s external, in-house function will be able to accommodate.

Roach Corporate Law will learn your business inside out- as well as any employee- to make sure that our advice is tailored for your business. We can even work from your premises if that is the most suitable option.

You will get the benefit of a lawyer to do things like checking agreement terms or drafting confidentiality agreements at short notice- without having to explain the nuances of your business each time. And priced so that you can access us whenever you need and on a regular basis.

Our arrangement will be completely agreed up-front. And if you need more or less, or it isn’t working, we can adjust things, try something different or bring it to an end- it’s that simple.

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