Building Contracts – things to consider!

Are you considering buying land and engaging a builder to build your new home? Or have you already chosen a builder and they have provided you with a building contract to sign? Before you do anything, it is very important to understand what you are signing and to make sure that anything discussed and agreed […]

Business Sale Agreements – Made Simple

Are you a business owner considering selling your business? Or are you looking to buy a business? Roach Corporate Law can assist you through this exciting journey from start to finish. We have expertise in dealing with transactions for businesses of all shapes and sizes and across various industries, as evident in our recent involvement […]

Terms and Conditions: What to consider as a business owner

Terms and Conditions

No matter what stage a business is currently at, a business owner needs to understand the reasons for establishing terms and conditions and how they assist a business in its day-to-day dealings. How do terms and conditions work? Terms and conditions (sometimes referred to as “terms of trade” or “T&C’s”) act as a legally binding […]

Buying a Business

Considering buying a business? In this episode of Quick Law, Daniel highlights the key points to think about.

Chasing Debt – getting on top of your cash flow

It is important now more than ever to get on top of your cash flow. In this quick law episode, Daniel will be going over key points of chasing debt. If your bills aren’t getting paid, contact us here and we will follow it up.

Unsure of your obligations under Covid-19?

Do you have a commercial lease but are not sure of your obligations under the current COVID-19 situation? Currently due to the pandemic, South Australia has put temporary laws in place in relation to commercial leases. In this video we will touch on a few topics to help shed some light on this situation. If […]